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November 17, 201703:57 PM
Meet Larry Cary, partner at Cary Kane LLP. Larru graduated from Brooklyn Law School and now has over 30 years of pr…
October 23, 201702:35 PM
Workplace discrimination occurs more often than you'd like to think. If you've been unfairly treated, contact us:…
September 13, 201701:25 PM
Employee discrimination goes against federal and New York law. If you have been discriminated against, contact us
July 10, 201712:06 PM
If you have any legal matter regarding wrongful termination, learn how we may be able to help here:…
April 20, 201709:32 AM
Visit our website to find out the answer to the FAQ, here:
April 4, 201710:52 AM
If you feel like you have been the subject of age discrimination, our firm may be able to help. Learn more, here:…
March 22, 201709:05 AM
Visit our website to find out the answer to this FAQ, here:
March 13, 201712:28 PM
"How do I know if I should have been paid #overtime?" Learn the answer to this #FAQ, here:
February 21, 201711:23 AM
"What are severance packages" Find out the answer to this FAQ, here:
February 9, 201710:36 AM
Contact us today at (212) 868-6300 If you have been a victim of pregnancy discrimination. We may be able to help.…
January 25, 201709:41 AM
Contact us today if you live or work in New York City and have a problem getting your pension. Learn more, here:…
November 30, 201612:28 PM
Know what the two major parts of the Americans with Disabilities Act are and how we may be able to help, here:…
November 23, 201610:02 AM
November 16, 201602:30 PM
If you or a family member is sick for an extended period of time, you may be eligible for FMLA. Learn more, here:…
November 11, 201611:47 AM
The rules on tip-credit employment can be confusing. Our website offers a well written explanation.…
November 4, 201601:03 PM
To read about employment agreements and how we may be able to help when a contract is violated, click here:…
October 25, 201610:59 AM
Contact us today at (212) 868-6300 to speak to an attorney about your case.
October 18, 201609:38 AM
If you have to go to court to collect overtime wages, your employer must pay for your attorney fees.…
October 14, 201612:58 PM
To understand the many rules pertaining to tips for workers in the food service industry, click here:…
September 27, 201609:36 AM
“What are severance packages?” Learn more about the details of severance packages on our website, here:…
September 26, 201602:31 PM
Sexual harassment alters one's ability to work properly. Learn more about how our firm may be able to help, here:…
September 13, 201612:21 PM
September 12, 201604:59 PM
If you have been a victim of pregnancy discrimination, we may be able to help you review your options.
July 25, 201603:33 PM
It is illegal to discriminate against someone based on their age. Learn more, here:
July 19, 201602:40 PM
Whether you are in a union or not, you deserve to be protected as an employee.
July 14, 201610:10 AM
Our attorneys have experience in representing public and private unions. Learn more, here:
July 6, 201601:38 PM
Learn how we may be able to help with your employee benefit plan, here:
July 5, 201612:49 PM
Did you know that some employees are misclassified by their employers as exempt employees and are denied overtime?
June 22, 201611:22 AM
Are you having issues with your employee benefits plan? Find out how we may be able to help:
June 20, 201608:32 AM
Did you know that unemployment discrimination is prohibited in New York City? Details:

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